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Summer Programs

Registration for Summer 2017 is now open!  Registration forms are due on May 15, 2017.

Download registration form for Summer School 2017 here


Please complete the registration form in the link above and submit to the Judson Office with proof of payment of the registration fee. Students may register for the whole summer or for a week at a time, but must complete the agreed upon schedule. Payment is due before the beginning of the program and is non-refundable. If there is insufficient enrollment in a class it may be cancelled.


Judson International School offers a variety of summer school courses that:

  • prepare students for success in junior high and high school
  • equip students with tools for college success
  • facilitate credit recovery for high school students
  • have small class sizes for maximum learning
  • enable students to take enrichment courses
  • challenge students in areas of personal interest
  • develop English proficiency for success in American schools

All courses are taught by credentialed members of the Judson faculty. Students may enroll in a half-day or full-day program. Students may spend the whole morning in a class or may combine two or three classes/day.


College Advantage: Groundwork for Admission and Success (grades 9th - 12th)

June 26 - August 4 weekdays 9:30am – 12:00pm at Judson School.  We may occasionally meet at Pasadena Central Library.

Are you thinking about the future and wanting to know more about Dual Enrollment College Transition? Ms. Sally Dungan will offer a summer school class covering various important tools for a successful college transition.  We will be examining how dual enrollment in college classes can benefit students.  In addition to preparing for standardized tests (PSAT, SAT, and ACT) we will be composing essays for the Common Application, University of California, and other schools of student interest. Students will understand various strategies for funding their college education. The cost for this 6 week course is $750, however it can be prorated for students not attending the whole time. Students need not attend the entire course to gain benefit for their college preparations.


Writing: Structure and Style (5th -12th grades)

June 26 - August 4 weekdays 8:30am – 12:00pm at Judson School

This course allows for individualized instruction to improves students' writing skills for both creative and report writing. Students are assessed at the beginning of the course and instructor tailors their work based on their needs.  Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum, students will develop skills in:

  • note-taking and outlining
  • paragraph construction
  • essay formats
  • different types of writing
  • stylistic techniques

Students are expected to complete assignments in class.

Math Work Up (6th-12th grades)

June 26 - August 4 weekdays 8:30am – 12:00pm at Judson School

This course prepares middle school and high school students for success in math.  Students are assessed at the beginning of the course and the instructor tailors students' work based on their needs.  Students will:

  • review concepts
  • practice under supervision
  • work on problem solving
  • make great progress

Students will complete practice in class.


Reading Comprehension (5th – 12th grades)

June 26 - August 4 weekdays 8:30am – 12:00pm at Judson School

This course is designed to improve reading comprehension.  Students are assessed at the beginning of the course and the instructor tailors students' work based on their needs.  The course involves many, varied genres read for meaning.  Students will:

  • read both fiction and non-fiction texts
  • follow personal interests/choices
  • be part of a small group for Socratic discussion
  • complete related projects in class

There may be some reading assigned for homework in this class.


English Language Development classes for international students (K-12).

June 26 - August 4 weekdays 8:30am – 12:00pm at Judson School

Students will be grouped according to age.  ELD classes will focus on:

  • conversation
  • pronunciation
  • vocabulary
  • development
  • American culture and adjustment

American students will be available as language partners.

Afternoon Recreational Program

June 26 - August 4 weekdays 1 - 4 pm at Judson School

Includes the following activities:

  • art class
  • sports
  • games
  • excursions
  • swimming
  • hikes
  • and a variety of other fun activities


Robotics Details of this class to be decided.

This class will focus on robotics at an age-appropriate level, including understanding design and creation of robots.  This class will also include coding.


Musical Theater Details of this class to be decided.

This class will focus on vocal training and performance, and will culminate in a show for families and friends.


Credit Recovery

Students needing credit recovery should call the Judson Office at (626) 398-2476 for an appointment before registering for a class.

Class Size and Attendance 

A minimum of ten students is needed to conduct each class, and we reserve the right to cancel courses if there are not a minimum number of students. There is limited seating in each of our writing and math enrichment courses, which fill quickly. Each day of class covers a week of material in normal school format. Regular attendance is imperative. Students will be dropped if unexcused absences exceed three days. Students with unique schedules that interfere with standard attendance must resolve the conflict with the teacher or a counselor prior to registration.


Students wishing to register after the registration deadline may do so if space is available but a $20 late registration fee will be assessed. All courses are subject to a minimum number of students to operate and are subject to cancellation two weeks prior to the start of class. You will be notified if a course you select is cancelled. In the event no other course dates are available or convenient for you before the start of summer school, your payment will be refunded in full. Refunds will not be issued after summer school has begun.

If you have any questions regarding our courses, please call 626-398-2476 or e-mail us at 

Judson International School

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