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Judson International School

Established 1991 ~ K-12 Christian Education with a Global Focus

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Judson News

Judson Science Night 2019 was a big success

Friday, February 08, 2019 • • General
On February 7, we held our annual Science Night. Students from all grades K-12 showed demonstrations and experiments in wide variety of scientific topics such as anatomy, entomology, taxonomy, magnetism, chemical reactions, momentum, etc.


Judson Science Nighton February 7, 2019  was an opportunity for our students to show what one of the best Christian schools in Pasadena is focusing on for STEAM.  All students, grades K-12, displayed their projects for families, friends, and guests. As always, Judson welcomed alumni who came back to see their alma mater for this fun night.    Projects were creative and interesting. The kindergartners gave guests an opportunity to stick their hands in "blubber" to see how it protected them from cold and they also showed their guests an iceberg demonstration.  First and second graders created diagrams of the human body and wrote funny poems about germs. Third and fourth graders demonstration experiments with magnets. Fifth and sixth graders, dressed as doctors, presented their study of entomology including larger than life size models of a variety of insects.  Our junior high students presented their science research projects on a variety of topics from the economics of mining to moon to geoengineering the atmosphere to address global warming to the work of Dr. He Jiankui on the first genetically edited twins. High school biology students created a biology carnival which featured games to teach about topics such as DNA, natural selection and taxonomy. High school chemistry students demonstrated a variety of experiments from crystallization to chemical reactions and breaking compounds.  High school physics students demonstrated a variety of topics such as centripetal force and momentum. The creativity and love for learning that Judson is known for were evident in abundance in their STEM projects on Science Night.

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