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Judson International School

Established 1991 ~ K-12 Christian Education with a Global Focus

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Course Offerings

Course Load Expectations

Students in the High School are expected to take a usual load of seven courses each year. A class schedule is comprised of core classes (English, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Bible, Foreign Language) and electives. Students who transfer to Judson International High School with credits from another school must meet with the registrar and/or college advisor to determine that their graduation requirements will be met.


Course Registration

Students meet with their advisor to plan out their coursework.  All students fill out a four-year plan which is revised annually.    Students wishing to change their courses must fill out the Drop/Add Form  available in the front office and get a signature of approval from the teacher of that course.  


Course Offerings

Click on course titles for course descriptions.



English 9                                                                                                              

Honors English 9 (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)          

English 10 (prerequisite: English 9)                                                                        

Honors English 10 (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)                                        

ELD English                                                                                                            

Honors Language and Literature (prequisite:  Instructor Approval)                      

American Literature (prequisite:  English 10)

World Literature (prequisite:  English 10)

AP Language and Literature (online)



Algebra 1

Geometry  (prequisite:  Algebra 1)

Algebra 2 (prerequisite:  Geometry)

Precalculus (prerequisite:  Algebra 2)

Calculus (prerequisite:  PreCalculus)

Honors Calculus (prerequisite:  PreCalculus  + Instructor Approval)


Physical Education                                                                   


Physical Education                                                                                            

Track and Field                                                                                                   

Weight Training                                                                                                 

Girls Volleyball                                                                                                     

Girls Basketball                                                                                                     

Boys Flag Football                                                                                                                                                                          

Boys Basketball                                                          



Scientific Literacy                                                                                                                            

Biology 1

Biology 2 (prequisite:  Biology 1)

Honors Biology (prequisite:  Instructor Approval)

Chemistry (prerequisite:  Algebra 1)

Honors Chemistry (prequisite:  Instructor Approval)  

Physics    (prequisite:  Chemistry)      

Computer Science

AP Biology (online)

AP Computer Science (online)


Social Science                                                                            

American History (prerequisite:  World History 2)

Honors American History (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)  

Civics (prerequisite:  World History 2)

Economics (prerequisite:  World History 2)

AP Macroeconomics (online)

AP Microeconomics (online)

ELD History

World History 1

Honors World History 1 (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)  

World History 2

Honors World History 2 (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)

AP US History (online)  

AP World History (online)



Bible 1

Bible 2

New Testament

Old Testament

ELD Bible


Visual and Performing Arts             

Art 1 and 2

Honors Studio Art (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)  

AP Art History (online)



Worship Band


World Languages   

AP Chinese Lanugage and Culture (online)

Spanish 1

Spanish 2



Leadership/Student Government (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)  

Leadership/Chaplaincy (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)  

Teaching Assistant   (prerequisite:  Instructor Approval)  




Honors Courses and AP

All of our core classes offer an honors track.  Additionally, we partner with SevenStar to offer online AP courses for subjects we do not offer live, such as Art History.  We offer AP testing annually for all of our honors and online AP courses.  


Dual Enrollment at Pasadena City College

Upperclassmen in good academic standing may apply with Judson to take courses at Pasadena City College.  They will receive dual credit from Judson and PCC.  All courses must receive prior approval from our principal and registrar.  For more information contact:




Judson International School


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