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Judson International School

Established 1991 ~ K-12 Christian Education with a Global Focus

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Judson uniforms are available from Modella Uniforms (  Modella has recently moved to  La Cresenta (3902 Foothill Blvd);  once a week there can be a school delivery if families need it under the student's name. If you would like to arrange something with Modella please contact them through their website.

Listed below are the requirements for all TK - 8th grade students. All items are available at the store. Please note that sweatshirts and cardigans require the logo, outer jackets do not. Any extra jacket worn by a student to school must be navy.



For field trips, class pictures, and special events/ assemblies is the burgundy polo with navy pants/skirt - OR plaid option. Any sweaters must be from the uniform choices.

Boys: Polo shirt with current Judsonlogo: burgundy (required), navy (optional) Pants: navy (required), khaki (optional) Shorts: navy / khaki (optional) Sweaters: navy with current Judson logo

Girls: Polo shirt with current Judson logo: burgundy (required), navy (optional) Pants: navy (required), khaki (optional) Shorts/skorts/skirts: navy / khaki (optional)

Plaid options: 4th - 8th grades: skort, skirt; KG - 3rd grade:jumper, Sweaters: navy with current Judson logo

PE wear: For 5th to 8th grade - may be worn for PE only T-shirt: ash grey with current Judson logo
Shorts: navy fleece or mesh (no stripes or contrast) Sweatpants: navy fleece - no trim/contrasting colors (optional)


Uniforms for Judson High School students are also available at Modella Uniforms.


For high school students:

Polo shirts are hunter green or white.
Sweatshirts/hoodies are heather grey
Pants, shorts, skirts are the same as for the lower grades (no plaid option for girls)

PE wear is the same as for the lower grades

General requirements are the same as for the lower grades
For the official uniform, green polos replace burgundy



Judson students are awarded an average of one free dress day per month. Student Council is responsible for determining and announcing the theme for each free dress day.
Within the freedom allowed by the theme, students are expected to maintain the school's standards of modesto neatness and appropriateness on free dress days. Guidelines will be given prior to each free dress day.


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